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Editorial Policies and Ethical Considerations

  • The journal requires that you include in the manuscript details about Institutional Review Board approvals, ethical treatment of human and animal research participants, and gathering of informed consent, as appropriate. You will be expected to declare all conflicts of interest, or none, on submission. Please review Wiley’s policies surrounding human studies, animal studies, clinical trial registration, biosecurity, and research reporting guidelines.

    This journal follows the core practices of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and handles cases of research and publication misconduct accordingly.

  • Authors must use strict oversight if using generative AI tools such as chatGPT in studies or for manuscript preparation. Authors are responsible for study design and manuscript content and must be vigilant about known inaccuracies when using AI. Wiley has instructions about AI.

  • Manuscripts submitted to HSR are subject to review by the editorial staff. Manuscripts will be sent to external review only if the Senior Managing Editor, Editor in Chief, and Senior Associate Editors determine that they meet quality and relevance requirements. The acceptance criteria for all papers are the quality (scientific value, as well as clarity and organization of writing) and originality of the research and its significance to journal readership. Except where otherwise stated, manuscripts are double-anonymously peer reviewed. Submissions authored by researchers with whom a particular editor has close relationships (for example mentor/mentee, recent coauthor, academic department member) or prior personal or professional conflicts will not be handled by that editor. The editorial staff will monitor the review process carefully to minimize the risk of peer review bias. Please consult Wiley's policy on the confidentiality of the review process.

    Authors are encouraged to suggest reviewers for their manuscript who have appropriate expertise but no apparent or real conflicts of interest. However, there is no guarantee that any of the suggested individuals will be used. Please do not include reviewers with whom you have discussed the submitted work previously.

    Authors may request that specific reviewers not be used, but please provide brief justification in the cover letter. We will not exclude potential reviewers for what we believe are honest intellectual disagreements with the authors.

    HSR's electronic system permits each author to monitor the progress of the manuscript through peer review via our ScholarOne site. We generally make an initial decision to reject or send out for external review within a few weeks of submission. If we send a manuscript out for external review, we generally obtain one to three reviews, and then summarize key themes in these reviews for the benefit of the authors.