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HSR Sponsorships

HSR publishes thematic special issues and sections that reflect the journal's values of scientific integrity, methodological rigor, policy and practice relevance, and timeliness.  Many special issues are the result of papers written for a conference or a response to a thematic call for papers.

Publishing papers as a collection in a special issue or section allows organizations to disseminate information to the field without the costs associated with producing and promoting a separate publication. It also allows organizations to enjoy the benefits of HSR 's peer review process, prestige, and readership.

HSR will accept special issue proposals on an ongoing basis to review throughout the year. The submission deadlines are followed by a review period by the journal. Feedback to the submitting organization/individual will be communicated within three weeks of the submission deadline.

If you are interested in sponsoring a special issue, email with a topic and description of the special issue. 


HSR was a particularly good fit for us since we wanted to focus on implementation science, application, scale and spread. HSR has a great reputation, a great staff to work with and made it easy to produce a special issue. We’ve used the research findings as a messaging tool to continue developing and disseminating evidence about age-friendly work. Overall, we found the experience very helpful in promoting age-friendly health systems, and the research continues to be cited in new research papers.” 
– The John A. Hartford Foundation

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