Special Section on Chronic Conditions and Women's Reproductive Health



A roadmap toward equitable, coordinated, quality reproductive care for women with chronic conditions

Sarah Verbiest DrPH, MSW, MPH, Erin McClain MA, MPH, Natalie Hernandez PhD, MPH

Preventive care visits with OB/GYNs and generalist physicians among reproductive-age women with chronic conditions

Laura Attanasio PhD, Brittany Ranchoff MPH, Chanup Jeung PhD, Sarah Goff MD, PhD, Kimberley Geissler PhD

Black maternal health scholars on fire: Building a network for collaboration and activism

Ndidiamaka Amutah-Onukagha PhD, MPH, Jasmine A. Abrams MS, PhD,  Candace K. Stewart MPH, Adriana Black MPH, MAT, Tonia J. Rhone MS, Anna Kheyfets BA, Vanessa Nicholson DrPH, MPH, Judith Jeanty MPH, Lois McCloskey MPH, DrPH (currently pdf only)

Dobbs and disability: Implications of abortion restrictions for people with chronic health conditions

Asha Hassan MPH, Lindsey Yates PhD MPH, Anna K. Hing PhD MPH, Alanna E. Hirz MSPH, Rachel Hardeman PhD MPH

Development and pilot test of a pregnancy decision making tool for women with physical disabilities

Claire Z. Kalpakjian PhD, MS, Heidi J. Haapala MD, Susan D. Ernst MD, Brittany R. Orians LMSW, Melissa L. Barber BS, Lukonde Mulenga MPH, Shannen Bolde MPH, Jodi M. Kreschmer MSW, Rebecca Parten MSW, Susan Carlson MD, Sara Rosenblum MD, Gina M. Jay PhD (currently pdf only)

Promising practices and pockets of excellence: Community pharmacists supporting wellness for reproductive-age women

Natalie A. DiPietro Mager PharmD, PhD, MPH, David R. Bright PharmD, MBA, BCACP, FAPhA, FCCP

Trusted contraception information sources for individuals with opioid use disorder

Lauren Sobel DO, MPH, Yeon Woo Lee MD, Katharine White MD, MPH, Elisabeth Woodhams MD, MSc, Elizabeth Patton MD, MPhil, MSc

Listening to patients: Opportunities to improve reproductive wellness for women with chronic conditions

Sarah Verbiest DrPH, MSW, MPH, Crystal Cené MD, MPH, FAHA, Erica Chambers MPH, Marina Pearsall MPH, Kristin Tully PhD, Rachel Peragallo Urrutia MD, MS

A blueprint for a new model of sexual and reproductive health care in subspecialty medicine

Mehret Birru Talabi MD, PhD, Lisa S. Callegari MD, MPH, Traci M. Kazmerski MD, MS, Tamar Krishnamurti PhD, Elizabeth A. Mosley PhD, MPH, Sonya Borrero MD, MS

Continuing to chart the course toward improved reproductive care for women with chronic conditions

Sarah Verbiest DrPH, MSW, MPH (available soon)

Acceptability of reproductive goals assessment in public mental health care

Nichole Goodsmith MD, PhD, Emily C. Dossett MD, MTS, Rebecca Gitlin PhD, Karissa Fenwick PhD, MSW, LCSW, Jessica R. Ong MD, PhD, Alison Hamilton PhD, MPH, Kristina M. Cordasco MD, MPH, MSHS

Supporting reproductive health among birthing persons with chronic conditions in the United States: A qualitative multilevel study using systems thinking to inform action

Cambray Smith BS, Hiba Fatima MSc, Erin McClain MA, MPH, Katherine Bryant MA, MSPH, Sarah Verbiest DrPH, Kristen Hassmiller Lich PhD

Improving reproductive care for people with chronic conditions: The urgency of now

Sarah Verbiest DrPH, MSW, MPH

This special section is supported by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.