Open Call for Papers on Topics in Inequities Due to Marginalized Social Identities

Submission deadline: None (rolling consideration, submissions will be considered anytime)

Health Services Research (HSR) welcomes all manuscript submissions from the field that are consistent with its vision, mission, and values. In brief, those are to provide researchers and users of health services research with new knowledge on methods, concepts, and results related to the financing, organization, delivery, evaluation, and outcomes of health services.

Expanding upon the goals articulated in our report on structural racism and in the accompanying summary editorial, this call is a specific invitation for manuscripts that explore inequities due to marginalized social identities, such as race and ethnicity, as they relate to health and/or the health care system — whether structural, interpersonal, or internalized. While racism is the most severe and enduring form of marginalization in the U.S., this call is also open to papers that explore inequities based on gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, immigration status, and other marginalized social identities.

We welcome manuscripts that include, but are not limited to, topics that:

  • Identify, describe, and apply new sources of data that measure discrimination and that can be applied to topics in health services research,
  • Provide methodological guidance on how to measure and account for racism in quantitative analyses,
  • Support best practices for terminology relating to, describing, or discussing discrimination in health services research studies,
  • Illuminate the relationships between structural inequities and the financing, organization, delivery, evaluation, and outcomes of health services,
  • Investigate how discrimination leads to poor health apart from the influence of or intervention by the health care system. (This could include, for example, the effects of police brutality on health.)
  • Report on interventions and policies that attempt to address racism and/or its health effects (e.g., which exposures [e.g. social support, positive coping measures]can mitigate the effects of interpersonal racism)

Manuscripts submitted in response to this call undergo the same HSR editorial and peer review process as all manuscripts. For questions, please email Carolyn deCourt at