Volume 54 | Number 2 | April 2019

Abstract List

Danielle N. Atkins Ph.D., Christine Piette Durrance Ph.D., Yuna Kim PhD


To examine the effects of a harm reduction policy, specifically Good Samaritan () policy, on overdose deaths.

Data Sources/Study Setting

Secondary data from multiple cause of death, mortality records paired with state harm reduction and substance use prevention policy.

Study Design

We estimate fixed effects Poisson count models to model the effect of policy on overdose deaths for all, prescription, and illicit drugs, controlled substances, and opioids, while controlling for other harm reduction and substance use prevention policies.

Data Collection/Extraction Methods

We merge secondary data sources by state and year between 1999 and 2016.

Principal ndings

We fail to identify a statistically significant effect of policy in reducing overdose deaths broadly.


While we are unable to identify an effect of policy on overdose deaths, policy may have important effects on firstā€stage outcomes not investigated in this paper. Given recent state policy changes and rapid increase in many categories of overdose deaths, additional research should continue to examine the implementation and effects of harm reduction policy specifically and substance use prevention policy broadly.