Volume 49 | Number 1pt2 | February 2014

Abstract List

Kimberly Lynch, Mat Kendall, Katherine Shanks, Ahmed Haque, Emily Jones, Maggie G. Wanis, Michael Furukawa, Farzad Mostashari


Assess the Regional Extension Center () program's progress toward its goal of supporting over 100,000 providers in small, rural, and underserved practices to achieve meaningful use () of an electronic health record ().

Data Sources/Study Setting

Data collected January 2010 through June 2013 via monitoring and evaluation of the 4‐year program.

Study Design

Descriptive study of 62 programs.

Data Collection/Extraction Methods

Primary data collected from s were merged with nine other datasets, and descriptive statistics of progress by practice setting and penetration of targeted providers were calculated.

Principal Findings

s recruited almost 134,000 primary care providers (s), or 44 percent of the nation's s; 86 percent of these were using an with advanced functionality and almost half (48 percent) have demonstrated . Eighty‐three percent of Federally Qualified Health Centers and 78 percent of the nation's Critical Access Hospitals were participating with an .


s have made substantial progress in assisting s with adoption and of s. This infrastructure supports small practices, community health centers, and rural and public hospitals to use technology for care delivery transformation and improvement.