Volume 49 | Number 3 | June 2014

Abstract List

Jeffrey S. Harman Ph.D., Allyson G. Hall Ph.D., Christy H. Lemak Ph.D., R. Paul Duncan


To determine the impact of Florida's Medicaid Demonstration 4 years post‐implementation on per member per month () Medicaid expenditures and whether receiving care through s versus provider service networks (s) in the Demonstration was associated with expenditures.


Florida Medicaid claims from two fiscal years prior to implementation of the Demonstration (0405, 0506) and the first four fiscal years after implementation (0607‐0910) from two urban Demonstration counties and two urban non‐Demonstration counties.

Study Design

A difference‐in‐difference approach was used to compare changes in enrollee expenditures before and after implementation of the Demonstration overall and specifically for s and s.

Data Extraction

Claims data were extracted for enrollees in the Demonstration and non‐Demonstration counties and collapsed into monthly amounts ( = 26,819,987 person‐months).

Principal Findings

Among enrollees, the Demonstration resulted in lower increases in expenditures over time ($40) compared with the non‐Demonstration counties ($186), with Demonstration s lowering expenditures by $7 more than s. Savings were also seen among enrollees but to a lesser extent.


The Medicaid Demonstration in Florida appears to result in lower expenditures. Demonstration s generated slightly greater reductions in expenditures compared to Demonstration s. s appear to be a promising model for delivering care to Medicaid enrollees.