Volume 49 | Number 5 | October 2014

Abstract List

Laura E. McClelland Ph.D., Timothy J. Vogus Ph.D.


To examine the benefits of compassion practices on two indicators of patient perceptions of care quality—the ospital onsumer ssessment of ealthcare roviders and systems () overall hospital rating and likelihood of recommending.

Study Setting

Two hundred sixty‐nine nonfederal acute care .. hospitals.

Study Design

Cross‐sectional study.

Data Collection

Surveys collected from top‐level hospital executives. Publicly reported data from ctober 2012 release.

Principal Findings

Compassion practices, a measure of the extent to which a hospital rewards compassionate acts and compassionately supports its employees (e.g., compassionate employee awards, pastoral care for employees), is significantly and positively associated with hospital ratings and likelihood of recommending.


Our findings illustrate the benefits for patients of specific and actionable organizational practices that provide and reinforce compassion.