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white man standing in front of ladder with 7 evenly spaced rungs next to black man in front of equally tall ladder, but only 3 rungs with larger spaces between

Editor's Desk on Addressing Structural Racism

Austin B. Frakt PhD, Monica E. Peek MD, MPH, MS

lgbtq pride rainbow heart shaped stickers next to a stethoscope

Queering health services research

Courtney Sarkin MBE, Donna McAlpine PhD, Janette Dill PhD

female doctor's outstretched hand offering contraceptive pill pack

Who gets to decide? Assessing contraceptive coercion in healthcare settings

Natalie DiCenzo MD, Puneet Gill BA, Kristyn Brandi MD, MPH, FACOG (See also "Health care provider bias in the Appalachian region" by Swan et al)

contraceptive pill packs with several days pills punched out

Health care provider bias in the Appalachian region: The frequency and impact of contraceptive coercion

Laura E. T. Swan PhD, LCSW, Leigh G. Senderowicz ScD, MPH, Tess Lefmann PhD, MSSW, Gretchen E. Ely PhD, MSW

a woman dressed casually walks across a city street

The social vulnerability metric (SVM) as a new tool for public health

Loren Saulsberry PhD, Ankur Bhargava MD, MPH, Sharon Zeng BA, Jason B. Gibbons PhD, Cody Brannan MS, Diane S. Lauderdale PhD, Robert D. Gibbons PhD