Volume 56 | Number 5 | October 2021

Abstract List

Daniel Marthey MPH


Assess the impact of the Be Your Own Baby (BYOB) public awareness campaign including population‐level exposure, the effectiveness of ad platforms, and the effect of the campaign on family planning clinic attendance, the campaign's primary goal.

Data Sources

The study relied on administrative data on traffic and engagement from the campaign's website, population survey data measuring campaign exposure, and clinic attendance volumes from state‐by‐year restricted‐use versions of the Office of Population Affairs' Family Planning Annual Reports (2006–2018).

Study Design

Bivariate analyses were used to assess website traffic and engagement and population‐level exposure across key subgroups. We then used the synthetic control method to examine the impact of the BYOB campaign on per capita Title X clinic attendance among the target demographic, women 18–29 years of age.

Data Collection/Extraction Methods

Not applicable. We relied on secondary sources.

Principal Findings

Primary media platforms used by the campaign included social media, digital display, streaming audio, YouTube, and search. Website traffic was driven primarily by digital display ads, but engagement was highest for search. Our results suggest nearly 12% of Delaware women 18–29 years of age were exposed to the campaign. However, exposure was measured at the end of the campaign and was likely much larger during its peak. Our results indicated that the campaign was associated with between 13 and 23 additional Title X clinic visits per 1000 women compared with 110 users per 1000 at baseline in 2014.


Our findings suggest the BYOB campaign was successful at increasing clinic attendance among the target demographic. These results have important implications for other programs seeking to use public awareness messaging to increase participation in the health care system and are especially important for Title X administrators who have faced declining patient volumes for over 10 years.