Volume 51 | Number S1 | February 2016

Abstract List

Patrick B. Brown B.S., Sandra L. Hudak R.N., M.S.N., Susan D. Horn, Lauren W. Cohen, David Allen Reed Ph.D., Sheryl Zimmerman, , Barbara Bowers, David Grabowski, Kimberly Nolet M.S.


To compare workforce characteristics and staff perceptions of safety, satisfaction, and stress between Green House () and comparison nursing homes (s).

Data Sources/Study Setting

Primary data on staff perceptions of safety, stress, and satisfaction from 13 s and 8 comparison s in 11 states; secondary data from human resources records on workforce characteristics, turnover, and staffing from 01/01/2011–06/30/2012.

Study Design

Observational study.

Data Collection Methods

Workforce data were from human resources offices; staff perceptions were from surveys.

Principal Findings

Few significant differences were found between and s. Exceptions were direct caregivers were older, provided twice the normalized hours per week budgeted per resident than CNAs in CNHs or Legacy NHs, and trended toward lower turnover.


environment may promote staff longevity and does not negatively affect worker's stress, safety perceptions, or satisfaction. Larger studies are needed to confirm findings.