Volume 53 | Number S1 | August 2018

Abstract List

Jialin Mao M.D., M.S., Louisa Jorm Ph.D., Art Sedrakyan M.D., Ph.D.


To examine trends in risk‐reducing mastectomy () and immediate breast reconstruction in New York State and New South Wales, especially before and after Angelina Jolie's announcement of her surgery in 2013.

Data Source

Hospital discharge data, 2004–2014.

Study Design

Trends in procedures were assessed using Poisson regression and the Cochrane–Armitage test.

Data Extraction Methods

Extracted using procedure codes.

Principal Findings

There was an increase in procedures after May 2013 in both regions, with a peak during late 2013–early 2014. The average bimonthly procedures were significantly higher after Jolie's announcement than before.


In both countries, we found a substantial increase of after Jolie's announcement, highlighting the impact of celebrity health care coverage on preventive surgical choice and the need for decision aids to assist patients.