Volume 48 | Number 3 | June 2013

Abstract List

Kali S. Thomas Ph.D., Vincent Mor Ph.D.


To test the relationship between older mericans ct () program expenditures and the prevalence of low‐care residents in nursing homes (s).

Data Sources and Collection

Two secondary data sources: State Program Reports (state expenditure data) and facility‐level data downloaded from for 16,030 s (2000–2009).

Study Design

Using a two‐way fixed effects model, we examined the relationship between state spending on services and the percentage of low‐care residents in s, controlling for facility characteristics, market characteristics, and secular trends.

Principal Findings

Results indicate that increased spending on home‐delivered meals was associated with fewer residents in s with low‐care needs.


States that have invested in their community‐based service networks, particularly home‐delivered meal programs, have proportionally fewer low‐care residents.