Volume 48 | Number 1 | February 2013

Abstract List

Dana Beth Weinberg, Ariel Chanan Avgar Ph.D., Noreen M. Sugrue, Dianne Cooney‐Miner Ph.D., RN


To examine the benefits of a high‐performance work environment () for employees, patients, and hospitals.

Study Setting

Forty‐five adult, medical‐surgical units in nine hospitals in upstate New York.

Study Design

Cross‐sectional study.

Data Collection

Surveys were collected from 1,527 unit‐based hospital providers (68.5 percent response rate). Hospitals provided unit turnover and patient data (16,459 discharge records and 2,920 patient surveys).

Principal Findings

, as perceived by multiple occupational groups on a unit, is significantly associated with desirable work processes, retention indicators, and care quality.


Our findings underscore the potential benefits for providers, patients, and health care organizations of designing work environments that value and support a broad range of employees as having essential contributions to make to the care process and their organizations.