Volume 46 | Number 1p1 | February 2011

Abstract List

Michel Boudreaux Ph.D., Jeanette Y. Ziegenfuss, Peter Graven M.S., Michael Davern, Lynn A. Blewett


To compare health insurance coverage estimates from the American Community Survey (ACS) to the Current Population Survey (CPS‐ASEC).

Data Sources/Study Setting

The 2008 ACS and CPS‐ASEC, 2009.

Study Design

We compare age‐specific national rates for all coverage types and state‐level rates of uninsurance and means‐tested coverage. We assess differences using ‐tests and ‐values, which are reported at <.05, <.01, and <.001. An ‐test determines whether differences significantly varied by state.

Principal Findings

Despite substantial design differences, we find only modest differences in coverage estimates between the surveys. National direct purchase and state‐level means‐tested coverage levels for children show the largest differences.


We suggest that the ACS is well poised to become a useful tool to health services researchers and policy analysts, but that further study is needed to identify sources of error and to quantify its bias.