Volume 49 | Number 1 | February 2014

Abstract List

Marianne E. Weiss, Linda L. Costa, Olga Yakusheva Ph.D., Kathleen L. Bobay


To validate patient and nurse short forms for discharge readiness assessment and their associations with 30‐day readmissions and emergency department () visits.

Data Sources/Study Setting

A total of 254 adult medical‐surgical patients and their discharging nurses from an Eastern US tertiary hospital between ay and ovember, 2011.

Study Design

Prospective longitudinal design, multinomial logistic regression analysis.

Data Collection/Extraction Methods

Nurses and patients independently completed an eight‐item Readiness for Hospital Discharge Scale on the day of discharge. Patient characteristics, readmissions, and visits were electronically abstracted.

Principal Findings

Nurse assessment of low discharge readiness was associated with a six‐ to nine‐fold increase in readmission risk. Patient self‐assessment was not associated with readmission; neither was associated with visits.


Nurse discharge readiness assessment should be added to existing strategies for identifying readmission risk.