Volume 49 | Number 1pt2 | February 2014

Abstract List

Adam Wright, Joshua Feblowitz, Lipika Samal, Allison B. McCoy, Dean F. Sittig


To measure performance by eligible health care providers on 's meaningful use measures.

Data Source

Medicare Electronic Health Record Incentive Program Eligible Professionals Public Use File (), which contains data on meaningful use attestations by 237,267 eligible providers through May 31, 2013.

Study Design

Cross‐sectional analysis of the 15 core and 10 menu measures pertaining to use of functions reported in the .

Principal Findings

Providers in the dataset performed strongly on all core measures, with the most frequent response for each of the 15 measures being 90–100 percent compliance, even when the threshold for a particular measure was lower (e.g., 30 percent). s had higher scores than specialists for computerized order entry, maintaining an active medication list, and documenting vital signs, while specialists had higher scores for maintaining a problem list, recording patient demographics and smoking status, and for providing patients with an after‐visit summary. In fact, 90.2 percent of eligible providers claimed at least one exclusion, and half claimed two or more.


Providers are successfully attesting to 's requirements, and often exceeding the thresholds required by ; however, some troubling patterns in exclusions are present. should raise program requirements in future years.