Volume 53 | Number 3 | June 2018

Abstract List

Sergio Gonzales B.A., Benjamin D. Sommers M.D., Ph.D.


To examine the patterns of insurance coverage among nine Latino subgroups and assess heterogeneous effects of the Affordable Care Act () among these groups.

Data Sources

American Community Survey (2010–2014).

Study Design

We examined pre‐ disparities in coverage using linear probability models. Then, we used interrupted time series and triple‐difference models to evaluate coverage changes associated with the and Medicaid expansion, respectively.

Principal Findings

Pre‐ coverage disparities between Latino subgroups were nearly 30 percentage points—larger than the gap between whites and Latinos as a whole. Coverage changes associated with the and Medicaid expansion differed significantly between subgroups, with the largest gains among South Americans, Central Americans, and Mexicans.


Latino subgroups show marked heterogeneity in baseline coverage rates and responses to the .