Volume 51 | Number 3 | June 2016

Abstract List

Jayasree Basu Ph.D., M.B.A., Rosa Avila M.S.P.H., Richard Ricciardi Ph.D.,N.P.

Research Objective

This study examines small area variations in readmission rates to assess whether higher readmission rate in an area is associated with higher clusters of patients with multiple chronic conditions.

Study Design

The study uses hospital discharge data of adult (18+) patients in 6 states for 2009 from the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, linked to contextual and provider data from Health Resources and Services Administration. A multivariate cross sectional design at primary care service area () level is used.

Principal Findings

Adjusting for area characteristics, the readmission rates were significantly higher in s having higher proportions of patients with 2–3 chronic conditions and those with 4+ chronic conditions, compared with areas with a higher concentration of patients with 0–1 chronic conditions.


Using small area analysis, the study shows that areas with higher concentration of patients with increased comorbid conditions are more likely to have higher readmission rates.