Volume 51 | Number 2 | April 2016

Abstract List

Haizhen Lin Ph.D., Jeffrey T. Prince Ph.D.


To assess three possible determinants of individuals' response in their private insurance purchases to the availability of the Partnership for Long‐Term Care () insurance program: bequest motives, financial literacy, and program awareness.

Data Sources

The health and retirement study () merged with data on states' implementation of the program.

Study Design

Individual‐level decision on private long‐term care insurance is regressed on whether the program is being implemented for a given state‐year, asset dummies, policy determinant variable, two‐way and three‐way interactions of these variables, and other controls, using fixed effects panel regression.

Data Extraction Methods

Analysis used a sample between 50 and 69 years of age from 2002 to 2010, resulting in 12,695 unique individuals with a total of 39,151 observations.

Principal Findings

We find mild evidence that intent to bequest influences individual purchase of insurance. We also find that program awareness is necessary for response, while financial literacy notably increases responsiveness.


Increasing response to the program among the middle class (the stated target group) requires increased efforts to create awareness of the program's existence and increased education about the program's benefits, and more generally, about long‐term care risks and needs.