Volume 50 | Number 6 | December 2015

Abstract List

Orna Intrator Ph.D., Edward Alan Miller Ph.D., M.P.A., Emily Gadbois M.S., M.A., Joseph Kofi Acquah M.A., Rajesh Makineni M.Sc., Denise Tyler Ph.D.


To examine nurse practitioner () and physician assistant () practice in nursing homes (s) during 2000–2010.

Data Sources

Data were derived from the Online Survey Certification and Reporting system and Medicare Part B claims (20 percent sample).


/ state average employment, visit per bed year (), and providers per were examined. State fixed‐effect models examined the association between state regulations and / use.

Principal Findings

s using any s/s increased from 20.4 to 35.0 percent during 2000–2010. Average / increased from 1.0/0.3 to 3.0/0.6 during 2000–2010. Average number of / per increased from 0.2/0.09 to 0.5/0.14 during 2000–2010. The impact of state scope‐of‐practice regulations was mixed.


and scope‐of‐practice regulations impact their practice in s, not always as intended.