Volume 50 | Number 4 | August 2015

Abstract List

Kamyar Nasseh Ph.D., Marko Vujicic Ph.D.


To measure the impact of Medicaid reforms, in particular increases in Medicaid dental fees in onnecticut, aryland, and exas, on access to dental care among Medicaid‐eligible children.


2007 and 2011–2012 National Survey of Children's Health.

Study Design

Difference‐in‐differences and triple differences models were used to measure the impact of reforms.

Principal Findings

Relative to Medicaid‐ineligible children and all children from a group of control states, preventive dental care utilization increased among Medicaid‐eligible children in onnecticut and exas. Unmet dental need declined among Medicaid‐eligible children in Texas.


Increasing Medicaid dental fees closer to private insurance fee levels has a significant impact on dental care utilization and unmet dental need among Medicaid‐eligible children.