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Theme Issue

Global Health Services Research

HSR's December 2011 Theme Issue on Global Health Services Research features articles that assess the impact of efforts to improve global health systems, including their delivery, financing, and regulatory systems. The theme issue features work on racial gaps in child health insurance coverage, population health preferences in Liberia, and a study on HIV services in Cameroon. The Theme Issue was supported by Yale University.

Table of Contents

Health Services Research and Global Health
Elizabeth H. Bradley, Mary L. Fennell, Sarah Wood Pallas, Peter Berman, Stephen M. Shortell and Leslie Curry

Does HIV Services Decentralization Protect against the Risk of Catastrophic Health Expenditures? Some Lessons from Cameroon
Sylvie Boyer, Mohammad Abu-Zaineh, Jerome Blanche, Sandrine Loubiere, Renee-Cecile Bonono, Jean-Paul Moatti and Bruno Ventelou

Population Preferences for Health Care in Liberia: Insights for Rebuilding a Health System
Margaret E. Kruk, Peter C. Rockers, S. Tornorlah Varpilah and Rose Macauley

Health Systems' Responsiveness and Its Characteristics: A Cross-Country Comparative Analysis
Silvana Robone, Nigel Rice and Peter C. Smith

A Proposed Framework for Understanding the Forces behind Legislation of Universal Health Insurance —Lessons from Ten Countries
C. Jason Wang, Stacey M. Ellender, Theodora Textor, Joshua H. Bauchner, Jen-You Wu, Howard Bauchner and Andrew T. Huang

Racial Gaps in Child Health Insurance Coverage in Four South American Countries: The Role of Wealth, Human Capital, and Other Household Characteristics
George L. Wehby, Jeffrey C. Murray, Ann Marie McCarthy and Eduardo E. Castilla

Organizational Culture and Its Relationship with Hospital Performance in Public Hospitals in China
Ping Zhou, Kate Bundorf, Ji Le Chang, Jin Xin Huang and Di Xue

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