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Peer Review at HSR

With the permission of the authors and reviewers, HSR is pleased to highlight the details and evolution of a manuscript as it travels through our review process.

“Effects of Medicare Payment Changes on Nursing Home Staffing and Deficiencies,” (39:3, June 2004)

R. Tamara Konetzka, Deokhee Yi, Edward C. Norton, Kerry E. Kilpatrick

Orna Intrator (Reviewer A)
Charlene Harrington (Reviewer B)

The featured manuscript, “Effects of Medicare Payment Changes on Nursing Home Staffing and Deficiencies,” was published in the June 2004 issue (Vol. 39, Issue 3) of HSR.

This manuscript, as initially submitted, received a request for minor revision and resubmission after the first set of reviews. HSR has two types of reviews: minor and major. Major reviews, in contrast to this example, often call for new analyses and more complex and extensive revisions.

This example was submitted before HSR's Internet based submission process, Manuscript Central went live. Along with reviewers' basic written comments, Manuscript Central requires a more detailed scoring system, such as rating articles’ originality and quality of writing. An example of the review process using Manuscript Central will be provided online in the future.

HSR is grateful to the authors and reviewers for their efforts in using and understanding this important tool, which helps educate authors, reviewers, and graduate-level trainees.

To learn more about external peer review at HSR, please read the October Editorial by Co-Editor Ann Barry Flood.

Round One Submission

 Original Manuscript
 Reviewer A's Comments to Editors
 Reviewer A's Comments to Authors
 Reviewer B's Comments to Editors
 Reviewer B's Comments to Authors
 Decision Letter to Author

Round Two Submission

 Revised Manuscript
 Authors' Response to Reviewer A
 Authors' Response to Reviewer B
 Reviewer A's Comments to Editors
 Decision Letter to Author

Published Manuscript

"As a relatively new researcher, it was inspiring for me to work with these reviewers and know that our efforts–though time consuming and challenging–were resulting in a much better paper. You know the process is working the way it's supposed to when you want to ask the reviewers to collaborate on your next project!"

R. Tamara Konetzka, Author

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