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Brief User Guide to Manuscript Central for HSR

HSR has adopted the use of Manuscript Central, an online manuscript submission and peer review mechanism developed by ScholarOne.

Benefits to Authors and Reviewers

 Straightforward and rapid
   submission of manuscripts

 Direct access by authors to
   manuscript tracking information

 Better matching of reviewer
   expertise to the needs of each

 Reduced likelihood of
   overwhelming reviewers with
   multiple requests

 Immediate availability of
   manuscripts to reviewers for
   viewing online or downloading

 Online reviewer report forms
   for sending comments directly to
   the editorial office; all
   communication by e-mail

 Savings in time and mailing costs
   for authors and reviewers

 All-around increase in decision
   speeds, shorter handling time,
   and faster publication time

 Built-in safeguards to ensure
   anonymity of authors and
   reviewers during the review

Current and future authors and reviewers, please take this opportunity to create a user account, so that you will be ready when the time comes to submit a manuscript or review. In creating an account, you will also facilitate our efforts to make appropriate matches between reviewers and manuscripts.

Filling in all the necessary information should take no more than five minutes. Log in at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/hsr. Please use your e-mail address for your User ID. Once you have logged in, please select the edit your information button to fill in your user profile. Then navigate to the Author Center or Reviewer Center, where you will find instructions on how to proceed.

It is particularly important that you populate the Specialty/Area of Expertise and Keywords fields. The site contains roughly 50 subject areas that characterize the bulk of the articles published by HSR over the past decade. Following the subject headings is a list of disciplines and areas of expertise (each preceded by an asterisk) to be used by reviewers to characterize articles and by authors to suggest the expertise needed to assess certain papers.

You will note that some categories are very broad and some very specific. Please check all that apply to you. Use the free text box to provide more information (e.g., after "qualitative methods" one might add "ethnography, but not focus groups").

Checking more categories does not mean you will be deluged with reviewing requests from us. In fact, knowing how to make a more specific match will reduce the number of requests, and the ones you do get will be better targeted to your interest. Furthermore, by logging into your account you can let us know when you will be unavailable. The online submission system will alert the editors if you are already reviewing manuscripts for us, so we will be much more reluctant to ask that you take on an additional manuscript.

And when you submit a manuscript yourself, you will use this same account and speed the review of your own manuscript.

We know your time is valuable. This system will ultimately save you time and expense in communicating with us.

If you have problems, questions, or suggestions for improvements, please contact HSR at: hsr@aha.org.

Thanks, and welcome to the community of HSR authors and reviewers.

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