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Sustaining the HIV care provider workforce: Medical Monitoring Project HIV Provider Survey, 2013-2014

Objective: To describe delivery of recommended HIV care and work satisfaction among infectious disease (ID) physicians, nonID physicians, nurse practitioners (NPs), and physician assistants (PAs).

Data Sources: Medical Monitoring Project 20132014 HIV Provider Survey.

Study Design: Populationbased complex sample survey.

Data Collection/Analysis Methods: We surveyed 2208 HIV care providers at 505 US HIV care facilities and computed weighted percentages of provider characteristics, stratified by provider type. RaoScott chisquare tests and logistic regression used to compare characteristics of ID physicians with each other provider type.

Principal Findings: The adjusted provider response rate was 64 percent. Among US HIV care providers, 45 percent were ID physicians, 35 percent nonID physicians, 15 percent NPs, and 5 percent PAs. Satisfaction with administrative burden was lowest among nonID physicians (27 percent). Compared with ID physicians, satisfaction with remuneration was lower among nonID physicians and higher among NPs (37, 28, and 51 percent, respectively). NPs were more likely than ID physicians to report performing four of six services that are key to providing comprehensive HIV care, but more NPs planned to leave clinical practice within 5 years (19 vs 7 percent).

Conclusion: Addressing physician dissatisfaction with remuneration and administrative burden could help prevent a provider shortage. Strengthening the role of NPs may help sustain a highquality workforce.

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