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Impact of stratification on the effectiveness of a comprehensive patientcentered strategy for multimorbid patients

Objective: The objective of this work was to assess the effectiveness of a populationlevel patientcentered intervention for multimorbid patients based on risk stratification for case finding in 2014 compared with the baseline scenario in 2012.

Data Source: Clinical and administrative databases.

Study Design: This was an observational cohort study with an intervention group and a historical control group. A propensity score by a genetic matching approach was used to minimize bias. Generalized linear models were used to analyze relationships among variables.

Data Collection: We included all eligible patients at the beginning of the year and followed them until death or until the followup period concluded (end of the year). The control group (2012) totaled 3558 patients, and 4225 patients were in the intervention group (2014).

Principal Finding: A patientcentered strategy based on risk stratification for case finding and the implementation of an integrated program based on new professional roles and an extensive infrastructure of information and communication technologies avoided 9 percent (OR: 0.91, CI: 0.860.96) of hospitalizations. However, this effect was not found in nonprioritized groups whose probability of hospitalization increased (OR: 1.19, CI = 1.091.30).

Conclusions: In a beforeandafter analysis using propensity score matching, a comprehensive, patientcentered, integrated care intervention was associated with a lower risk of hospital admission among prioritized patients, but not among patients who were not prioritized to receive the intervention.

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