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August 2019
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The patientcentered dental home: A standardized definition for quality assessment, improvement, and integration

Objective: To develop the first standardized definition of the patientcentered dental home (PCDH).

Data Sources/Study Setting: Primary data from a 55member national expert panel and public comments.

Study Design: We used a modified Delphi process with three rounds of surveys to collect panelists’ ratings of PCDH characteristics and openended comments. The process was supplemented with a 1month public comment period.

Data Collection/Extraction Methods: We calculated median ratings, analyzed consensus using the interpercentile range adjusted for symmetry, and qualitatively evaluated comments.

Principal Findings: Fortynine experts (89%) completed three rounds and identified eight essential PCDH characteristics, resulting in the following definition: “The patientcentered dental home is a model of care that is accessible, comprehensive, continuous, coordinated, patient and familycentered, and focused on quality and safety as an integrated part of a health home for people throughout the life span.”

Conclusions: This PCDH definition provides the foundation for developing measures for research, care improvement, and accreditation and is aligned with the patientcentered medical home. Consensus among a broad national expert panel—including provider, payer, and accreditation stakeholder organizations and experts in medicine, dentistry, and quality measurement—supports the definition's usability and its potential to facilitate medicaldental primary care integration.

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