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Development and Validation of a ShortForm Safety Net Medical Home Scale

Objective: To develop a shortform Safety Net Medical Home Scale (SNMHS) for assessing patientcentered medical home (PCMH) capability in safety net clinics.

Data Sources/Study Setting: National surveys of federally qualified health centers (FQHCs). Interviews with FQHC directors.

Study Design: We constructed three shortform SNMHS versions and examined correlations with full SNMHS and related primary care assessments. We tested usability with FQHC directors and reviewed scale development with an advisory group.

Data Collection: Federally qualified health center surveys were administered in 2009 and 2013, by mail and online. Usability testing was conducted through telephone interviews with FQHC directors in 2013.

Principal Findings: Six, 12, and 18question shortform SNMHS versions had Pearson correlations with full scale of 0.84, 0.92, and 0.96, respectively. All versions showed a level of convergent validity with other primary care assessment scales comparable to the full SNMHS. User testers found short forms to be lowburden, though missing some PCMH concepts. Advisory group members expressed caution over missing concepts and appropriate use of shortform selfassessments.

Conclusions: Shortform versions of SNMHS showed strong correlations with full scale and may be useful for brief assessment of safety net PCMH capability. Each shortform SNMHS version may be appropriate for different research, quality improvement, and assessment purposes.

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