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CrossSector Collaboration in the HighPoverty Setting: Qualitative Results from a CommunityBased Diabetes Intervention

Objective: To characterize the motivations of stakeholders from diverse sectors who engaged in crosssector collaboration with an academic medical center.

Data Source: Primary qualitative data (2014–2015) were collected from 22 organizations involved in a crosssector diabetes intervention on the South Side of Chicago.

Study Design: Indepth, semistructured interviews; participants included leaders from all stakeholder organization types (e.g., businesses, community development, faithbased) involved in the intervention.

Data Collection Methods: Data were transcribed verbatim from audio and video recordings. Analysis was conducted using the constant comparison method, derived from grounded theory.

Principal Findings: All stakeholders described collaboration as an opportunity to promote community health in vulnerable populations. Among diverse motivations across organization types, stakeholders described collaboration as an opportunity for: financial support, brand enhancement, access to specialized skills or knowledge, professional networking, and health care system involvement in communitybased efforts. Based on our findings, we propose a framework for implementing a working knowledge of stakeholder motivations to facilitate effective crosssector collaboration.

Conclusions: We identified several factors that motivated collaboration across diverse sectors with health care systems to promote health in a highpoverty, urban setting. Understanding these motivations will be foundational to optimizing meaningful crosssector collaboration and improving diabetes outcomes in the nation's most vulnerable communities.

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