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The Development of a Conceptual Framework and Preliminary Item Bank for ChildbirthSpecific PatientReported Outcome Measures

Objective: To develop a conceptual framework and preliminary item bank for childbirthspecific patientreported outcome (PRO) domains.

Data Sources: Women, who were U.S. residents, ≥18 years old, and ≥20 weeks pregnant, were surveyed regarding their childbirth values and preferences (V&P) using online panels.

Study Design: Using communitybased research techniques and PatientReported Outcomes Management Information System (PROMIS®) methodology, we conducted a comprehensive literature review to identify selfreported survey items regarding patientreported V&P and childbirth experiences and outcomes (PROs). The V&P/PRO domains were validated by focus groups. We conducted a crosssectional observational study and fitted a multivariable logistic regression model to each V&P item to describe “who” wanted each item.

Principal Findings: We identified 5,880 V&P/PRO items that mapped to 19 domains and 58 subdomains. We present results for the 2,250 survey respondents who anticipated a vaginal delivery in a hospital. Wide variation existed regarding each V&P item, and personal characteristics, such as maternal confidence and ability to cope well with pain, were frequent predictors in the models. The resulting preliminary item bank consisted of 60 key personal characteristics and 63 V&P/PROs.

Conclusions: The conceptual framework and preliminary (PROMIS®) item bank presented here provide a foundation for the development of childbirthspecific V&P/PROs.

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