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Patient-Perceived Pressure from Clinicians for Labor Induction and Cesarean Delivery: A Population-Based Survey of U.S. Women

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Keywords: Cesarean delivery; labor induction; shared decision making; provider–patient communication

Objective: To determine whether patient-perceived pressure from clinicians for labor induction or cesarean delivery is significantly associated with having these procedures.

Data Sources/Study Setting: Listening to Mothers III, a nationally representative survey of women 18–45 years who delivered a singleton infant in a U.S. hospital July 2011–June 2012 (N = 2,400).

Study Design: Multivariate logistic regression analysis of factors associated with perceived pressure and estimation of odds of induction and cesarean given perceived pressure.

Principal Findings: Overall, 14.8 percent of respondents perceived pressure from a clinician for labor induction and 13.3 percent for cesarean delivery. Women who perceived pressure for labor induction had higher odds of induction overall (adjusted odds ratio [aOR]: 3.51; 95 percent confidence interval [CI]: 2.5–5.0) and without medical reason (aOR: 2.13; 95 percent CI: 1.3–3.4) compared with women who did not perceive pressure. Those perceiving pressure for cesarean delivery had higher odds of cesarean overall (aOR: 5.17; 95 percent CI: 3.2–8.4), without medical reason (aOR: 6.13; 95 percent CI: 3.4–11.1), and unplanned cesarean (aOR: 6.70; 95 percent CI: 4.0–11.3).

Conclusions: Patient-perceived pressure from clinicians significantly predicts labor induction and cesarean delivery. Efforts to reduce provider–patient miscommunication and minimize potentially unnecessary procedures may be warranted.

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