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A Multilingual Mass Communication Intervention for Seniors and People with Disabilities on Medicaid: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Objectives. To evaluate the following: (1) baseline knowledge, attitudes, and behavioral intentions about Medicaid managed care (MMC) among seniors and people with disabilities (SPD) receiving Medicaid benefits; (2) SPD Medicaid beneficiaries' use of and satisfaction with a user-designed MMC guidebook; and (3) guidebook effects on changes in MMC knowledge, attitudes, and intended behaviors of SPD beneficiaries.

Data Sources/Study Setting. Survey data collected between February and May 2008 from a random sample of SPD receiving Medicaid benefits in three California counties.

Study Design. This randomized controlled trial of 319 intervention and 373 control SPD Medicaid beneficiaries used pre- and postintervention telephone surveys to compare changes in MMC knowledge, attitudes, and intended behaviors.

Data Collection Methods. Baseline and follow-up telephone interviews were conducted in English, Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Principal Findings. Seventy-seven percent of intervention participants reported using the guidebook. Nearly all (97.9 percent) found it somewhat or very useful. Intervention participants showed gains in knowledge, positive attitudes, and intentions to enroll in MMC that are statistically significant compared with control participants. However, knowledge levels remained low even among intervention participants.

Conclusions. Findings suggest that the guidebook is an effective way to improve recipients' MMC knowledge, confidence, and behavioral intentions.

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